Make Some Time

Our focus is on
developing the youth
of our community.

Make Some

We abide by a creed that
is focused on an optimistic
outlook in all things we do.

Make A

Optimism is not just
a service club
it is a philosophy of life.

Current Activities

Santa Cruise

This year, in place of our traditional Breakfast with Santa, we will be bringing Santa for a cruise through the village. On the evening of December 11th we will guide Santa and Mrs. Claus around St. Jacobs handing out treat bags for children and picking up their letters to Santa. We encourage residents to light up their homes to fit the occasion. The map below outlines the route we will follow, starting at 6:00 pm at the firehall with estimated times along the route.

Plan accordingly so your little ones don’t miss this special visit.

Estimated Arrival Times

Starting at the firehall in St. Jacobs at 6:00 pm. Numbers below correspond to the numbers on the map.

1) 6:00

2) 6:25

3) 6:45

4) 7:00

5) 7:15

After completing this route we will proceed to the corner of Northside and Hawkesville Rd at approximately 7:30 and continue down Northside to King street.

Help us with your Donation!

Our community is a vibrant one and we firmly believe that by making the lives of children better - our community becomes better. We are very active in our community. Programs such as Cycle into the Future, the summer reading program at St. Jacobs Library, Woolwich Counselling antibullying programs at St. Jacobs Public School, Neonatal Intensive Care Program for Grand River Hospital, Grand River Teddy Bear Program all benefit from our efforts in fundraising. There is lots more for us to do, but we need your help.

If you are able, we would appreciate any donation that you can make toward our programming for the youth in our community of St. Jacobs. Donations can be made through PayPal with the button below, or you can always mail us at Box 542, St. Jacobs, ON, N0B 2N0.

Our Focus

The Optimist Club of St. Jacobs supports a wide variety of activities for youth in the village of St. Jacobs and surrounding Woolwich Township. These range from fun and entertaining to personal development and community well-being. Examples of our youth activities and programs:

Youth Leadership Development
Minor Sports
School Programs and Facilities
Summer Reading Program
Breakfast with Santa
Easter Egg Hunt
Grand River Hospital Emergency Room Teddy Bear Program